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Farragut Community Alliance
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Bill Johns, Co-Founder

Leadership Farragut™

Leadership Farragut

Leadership Farragut™ (LF) will build a leadership base of dedicated individuals who are committed to fostering and enhancing the growth of the Town of Farragut.


The objectives of Leadership Farragut are:

• To provide a forum for individuals with a sincere interest in Farragut to gather to enhance their leadership skills and expand personal and business relationships
• To educate class members of opportunities and challenges facing the community
• To challenge participants to identify the needs of Farragut and formulate possible solutions for those needs
• To expand the base of volunteers to serve in the development of Farragut


Leadership Farragut has eight sessions. These sessions are held in the classroom and throughout the Farragut Community.

1. Introduction and Farragut History
2. Town Services and Neighborhoods
3. Business and Technology
4. Education, Arts, and Places of Worship
5. Planning and Projects
6. Marketing the Community
7. Class Project
8. Graduation Dinner

Informal Classes / Class of 2009

Since 2004, FCA has developed leaders informally in small groups. During this incubation period (2004 - 2007) of FCA and Leadership Farragut (LF), many community leaders and citizens have received leadership counseling, training, and mentoring.FCA is looking now to formally develop the future leaders of Farragut.

If you want to support your community and take ownership of its destiny, Leadership Farragut is an excellent way of learning about your community, understanding its opportunities and challenges, and becoming knowledgeable of all the services and offerings it has to offer.

Please check back shortly in the spring for the 2009 Leadership Farragut application and dates.

2009 Class Schedule

Please check back soon for the next class schedule of Leadership Farragut.


FCA quickly determined the need of establishing a leadership program for Farragut. Most progressive communities have leadership programs developed either by local civic groups, churches, businesses, chambers of commerce, local governments, or individuals. In Farragut’s case, Leadership Farragut was developed by a community group and will work in conjunction with all Farragut community partners.

Bill Johns, an FCA co-founder, had experience in developing leadership programs for all types of organizations. In addition, he was a member of the very first class of Leadership Germantown in 1996. As a graduate student pursuing a Master of Public Administration, Bill spent time working with and benchmarking local leadership programs such as Leadership Memphis, Leadership Bartlett, Leadership Collierville, and Leadership Germantown. His experience led to a formal process of using resources to assist in the developing of Leadership Farragut.

As a result, University of Tennessee MBA students conducted research on various leadership programs throughout Tennessee and other regions during the summer of 2004. The result was the formation of the mission, objectives, curriculum, and sessions of Leadership Farragut.

Upcoming FCA Events:

July 15, 2008
7:00 - 9:00 P.M.

Calhoun's Turkey Creek
625 Turkey Cove Lane

Candidate Open House

Knox County Sheriff
Knox County Law Director
Knox County Clerk
Knox County Trustee
Knox County Property Assessor
Knox County Register of Deeds
Knox County Criminal Court Judge, Division II
Knox County Commission, District 5 - Seat C
Knox County School Board, District 5
State and Federal Representatives

The format of this Candidate Open House will focus on the candidates in which the citizens of the Town of Farragut and West Knox County will be voting for in the August 7th General County and State & Federal Primary Election and earlier during the early voting period. In addition, Candidates with no opposition in the primary and are waiting for General Election, will also participate. This event will have a "meet and greet" atmosphere; there will not be a debate or forum. This event is non-partisan. For further information, please contact Bill Johns at

*Special Thanks to Calhoun's for their meeting room and
Fullard Design of Atlanta, GA for their work on this event's marketing collateral

FCA History


The mission of the Farragut Community Alliance (FCA) is to bring Farragut citizens, neighborhoods, and organizations together in a collaborative effort to help provide the future vision and plan for the community of Farragut, to prepare Farragut for the future, and to provide leadership and educational programs.

It is the philosophy of FCA to always to have a "grassroots" type of culture and to operate in such a manner that is collaborative and entrepreneurial in nature while maintaining fiscal conservative efforts through volunteer and in-kind support.


The objectives of the Farragut Community Alliance are:

• To provide a collaborative voice in the community
• To increase citizen participation and offer other opportunities
• To promote and build the Farragut brand
• To educate the community on topics that is impacting it
• To develop the future leaders of the community
• To work in conjunction with the Town in making Farragut a prestigious community
• To ensure the schools in the community remain competitive
• To provide forums and host roundtables for neighborhoods, organizations, and businesses
• To identify and address community needs


The Farragut Community Alliance is a real life “grass roots” story:

In 2001, a group of individuals started chatting on the Farragut Ingles shopping center’s sidewalk about a variety of subjects including business, neighborhoods, city planning, safety, education, quality of life, and the characteristics of great towns and cities across the country. These individuals met in passing over the next two years and chatted about the same subjects. During this same time period, they started to really examine the community they worked, lived, and/or relaxed in and also expanded their interests to other individuals.

After the 2003 Farragut elections, the group started to gather to specifically talk about these subjects at the Ingles shopping center, at local restaurants, and individual homes. All of these individuals realized that there was a critical need to establish a new group in the Farragut community to address the areas that were not being addressed or ignored by other organizations. In 2004, the group took the initiatives to start it down the path of becoming a formal organization. This group also utilized University of Tennessee MBA students to benchmark other communities and their leadership programs.

The end result was that the Farragut Community Alliance and Leadership Farragut program were launched in 2004. It was the belief of the FCA leaders to take a slow approach in incubating the organization and followed a simple strategy of "crawl - walk - run". This strategy has worked well to date and has helped FCA continually grow in brand and size.

The original core group included: Walt Chan, Bill Johns, Margaret Johns, Leslie Julian, and Paul Mees. Today, some of the faces have changed, but the vision still lives on.

Home Owner Associations

FCA Home Owner Associations

Your neighborhood is not alone! All Farragut neighborhoods will face similar issues throughout their existence. It is the FCA’s hope that neighborhoods can learn from one another and collaborate. It is the FCA’s intention to establish a quarterly roundtable of neighborhood / home owner associations (HOA) that will produce valuable discussions and yield collaboration in supporting and enhancing the Farragut community.

FCA Neighborhood Roster

Please let the FCA know if you would like to add your Farragut neighborhood or home owners association website to the FCA Neighborhood Roster

Andover Place
Audobon Hills
Berkeley Park
Camden Grove
Caswell, Stooksbury
Chapel Point
Concord Hills
Concord Landing
Concord Meadows
Country Manor
Country Way
Derby Chase
Farragut Commons
Farragut Crossing
Farragut View
Fort West
Fox Cove
Fox Den
Fox Den Villas and Condos
Fox Run
Hickory Woods
Holly Oaks
Lake Haven
Linda Heights
The Manor at Glen Abbey
McFee Manor
Oakley Downs
Old Stage Hills
Orchid Grove
Powell Acres
Prestwick Place
The Reserve of Farragut
The Retreat at Gleb Abbey
Rockwell Farm
Saddle Ridge
St. Charles at Grigsby Chapel
Thornton Heights
Turkey Creek Harbor Town Homes
Turkey Creek Woods
The Village at Glen Abbey
Village Green
Waverly Court
Weatherly Hills
Wentworth Town Homes
Woodchase I
Woodchase II
Woodland Trace
Wyndham Hall

Business / Economic Development

Business / Economic Development

FCA supports healthy commerce in the Farragut community and encourages unique and prestigious merchants to locate to Farragut. Having thriving and diversified merchants enables the Farragut community to enjoy the essence of shopping. Likewise, the Farragut community appreciates and understands that supporting local businesses is important due to the relationship these organizations have with the Farragut brand, property values, services, and quality of life. Support the merchants and entrepreneurs of the Farragut community!

The FCA plans to offer seminars to businesses in order to help them to thrive and be profitable.

Organizations: Civic Groups, Places of Worship, Clubs


One of the main objectives of the FCA is to make sure that all organizations have input in regards to ensuring that the Farragut community continues down the path of prosperity. This includes those organizations that are usually left behind such as civic groups, places of worship, and other community groups.

The FCA plans to host several roundtables for these groups and also to have these groups collaborate with other FCA partners such as individuals, home owner associations, and businesses.


FCA News Releases:

January 13th, 2008
FCA Debuts Website 3.0

FCA launches its third website (3.0) that replaces the earlier version that was created in 2006 and the first website created and launched in 2004. Welcome to !!!

January 5th, 2008
FCA Plans Open House for West Knox / Farragut Candidates

FCA decides to host an Open House for West Knox / Farragut Candidates seeking office in Knox County in 2008. More details to follow.

December 11th, 2007
New Brands / Logos for FCA

FCA has updated its logos to support its new brand management initiative. FCA appreciates the work of Guerrilla Graphix of Albuquerque, NM for their graphic design firm's work in developing innovative and trademarked brands for the Farragut Community Alliance and its Leadership Farragut program.

January 27th, 2005
Farragut Learns of FCA and Leadership Farragut

From the Farragut Press article by Leslie Tucker on Jan. 27th, 2005


• Strengthen neighborhoods and homeowners associations

A past president of the Fort West Owners Association, Johns said that Farragut’s neighborhoods “are the strength of our community. … There’s a lot of issues facing neighborhoods. … The town needs to engage the neighborhoods to have a lot more citizen participation and input. …

All the neighborhoods face the same issues … but there’s not a formal mechanism to bring that knowledge together.”

That’s one reason Johns is launching FCA, the Farragut Community Alliance, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is spelled out: “to bring Farragut citizens, neighborhoods and organizations together in a collaborative effort to provide the vision and roadmap for the community … and prepare the town for future challenges and opportunities.”

• Develop tomorrow’s community leaders.

“The best compliment a leader can have is developing future leaders, and that mechanism has not been in place here,” Johns said.

He proposes the development of Leadership Farragut, whose mission will be to: “build a leadership base of dedicated individuals who are committed to fostering and enhancing the growth of Farragut.” One objective would be to provide a forum for people with a “sincere interest in Farragut” to gather, identify community needs and possible solutions. Johns worked with UT MBA students to develop the curriculum. The group compared such programs statewide, including Leadership Germantown, where Johns was in its 1996 inaugural class.


Community Resources

Business Links

Farragut Chamber of Commerce

Innovation Valley

ORNL Technology Transfer and Economic Development

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Regional Network

State of Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development

Tennessee Small Business Development Centers

Educational Institutions / Schools

Farragut High School

Farragut Primary School

Farragut Intermediate School

Farragut Middle School




Town of Farragut